The Truth About Getting Your Tattoos Removed

Before you make a decision about getting a tattoo, you may receive advice from all your loved ones for being 100% sure about the design. It is always better to make a safe decision instead of regretting it after getting your body permanently inked.

A recent survey conducted on 600 participants by Advanced Dermatology revealed that almost 78% regret at least one of their tattoos.

Well, if at a certain stage after engraving a tattoo, you feel like the trend of the respective desired has now turned out or it doesn’t suit your personality anymore; tattoo removal can be a relevant option. Although tattoo removal cannot erase the past completely; they make these artworks less noticeable on your body. Moreover, later you can also get another tattoo over it to cover the area.

Tattoo removal appears a complicated process and it may demand focus on several aspects. You may also get a bunch of questions in your mind before saying goodbye to your old tattoo.

How tattoos can be removed?

There are many techniques that one can follow for tattoo removals such as surgical excisions, chemical peels, and dermabrasion. However, these options may often appear quite invasive and aggressive. Experts recommend using laser treatment as one of the most effective solutions for tattoo removal.

The idea is to use a high-intensity laser to break up tattoo ink particles into smaller pieces so that they can be easily removed by our immune system. Note that different lasers are used for removing different tattoo colors. The experts reveal that Q-switched lasers are widely used to remove tattoos as they do not cause any damage to the surrounding tissues. Moreover, it ultimately decreases the chances of scarring. However, one needs to ensure that the tattoo removal treatment is received from the experts only to avoid any kind of side effects.

Does it hurt?

Well, the quick answer is Yes. Tattoo removal can sometimes appear painful but you may find this pain tolerable in most cases. It may be even more painful than the tattoo design process; but as you have survived that, you will handle this one also. Doctors advise taking some non-aspirin products like Tylenol or Acetaminophen before tattoo removal to reduce the pain. Many experts also recommend using other pain management options such as skin cooling devices, numbing creams, and local anesthetic injections as well.

How much does it cost for tattoo removal?

The laser tattoo removal price is based on the location, size, and intricacy of the tattoo design. But you should expect to pay more as compared to the initial payment made for the tattooing. The estimated cost of tattoo removal in America can be $463 per session, and you may have to attend multiple sessions depending upon the work to be done.

In order to ensure complete safety for tattoo removal, prefer to book an appointment with experts only. The process must be carried out using trustworthy equipment, accurate methods, and the right techniques to ensure proper removal.

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